Young Driver Teen Car Insurance in Baltimore MD

4 Ways To Reduce Your Teenage Driver Auto Insurance in Baltimore Maryland

Most companies attract new customers by offering discounts and reduced pricing on their products; car insurance providers are no different. Teens, like are the ultimate new driver, and are often faced with the highest rates for several reasons. The majority of insurance companies view anyone under the age of 20 to be a risk, regardless of how responsible a driver they are, though statistically, teens have the highest rate of accidents per year.

To get the best rate, all you have to do is apply these tips to make sure you get the maximum allowable discounts on your car insurance policy.

What Cars Teens Should Avoid To Keep Rates Low

A little-known fact is that the type of car you drive also affects your rate, cars that have a high rollover rate, such as an SUV, carry higher premiums; also, cars that are designed for speed more than safety also raise your premiums. Popular cars that attract thieves are also considered a high risk for insurance companies since they have to replace the car in the event that it is stolen and subsequently totaled. Opting for a fashionable, but the safe car is a great way to start your policy shopping on a more affordable foot. These are only a few ways to get more out of your insurance policy while saving money; you can always request an evaluation of your policy every 30 days to see if you qualify for additional benefits.

Good Student Savings Bundle

When your children start driving, it’s common for your insurance premiums to shoot through the roof. This is mainly due to teenagers being new drivers, as new drivers; they have less experience and are more prone to accidents or minor infractions. There is a way to reduce the dent their new found freedom has on your wallet, if your child is a student with at least a 3.0 average grade points, then you can ask your car insurance company for a good student discount. The more time that a child spends on their studies is the less amount of time they are on the road; also, studious students are more prone to following traffic rules very closely and thus reducing the risk of accident or infractions.

Safe Driving and Financially Sound Savings Bundle

While most insurance companies will insure your car even if you have bad credit, People who have higher credit are offered lower rates. People who take care of their credit are more reliable drivers and often have lower instances of claims. They are rewarded by being able to avail lower rates.  If you haven’t received a moving violation or if your car hasn’t been a party to a collision in the past four years, your policy can apply the safe driver discount for even more savings. If you have more than one person on the policy and each person qualifies, your saving will further compound.

The Multi-Car and Multi-Policy Savings Bundle

If you own your home, or if you are a stable renter, then you should look into bundling your car insurance under the same policy as your home or renters insurance, Big companies enjoy the benefits of offering a paying customer several policies, and you can often save over 18% percent by sticking with one carrier. If you have more than one car, instead of creating a separate insurance policy for that vehicle, package it along with your main car’s policy. Your rate will be slightly higher; however, you will save more than if you had insured each car separately.