California Car Insurance Requirements for Uber Drivers

Everyone would like to have extra money in his or her pocket and for many, car hire services such as Uber are a great way to earn that extra money with just a driver’s license and car insurance. However, there are things that people do not take into consideration before they sign up as a provider for services like Uber, including car insurance requirements. Some states may require that you obtain a commercial driver’s license and some insurance carriers do not provide coverage if you are using your car for business reasons. It is always important to research every aspect of Uber driving before you sign up and start taking passengers. California car insurance requirements for Uber drivers are important and are critical to protect both yourself and your passengers.

Uber is a ride share program where drivers sign up online to provide rides for people in their community. Included in its list of requirements to be a paid Uber driver are specific car insurance requirements with specific mention made that any driver in California must have California auto insurance. This means that you must provide proof of California car insurance as well as contact your agent to insure that your policy meets the California Car insurance requirements for Uber drivers. You must also be sure that you are not required to obtain a commercial driver’s license. If you must obtain a commercial driver’s license, you must also hold commercial vehicle insurance as your standard California car insurance will no longer cover you in the event of an accident. If you are involved in an accident and you do not have the proper license or proper California car insurance coverage, you will be completely liable for all damage to your vehicle and any others involved, as well as any injuries that occurred in the accident.

Uber is a great way to make extra money to save for vacations or just make paying your monthly bills easier. You must be sure to follow all the requirements to be an Uber driver as well as all the insurance requirements that California requires when it comes to engaging in a ride share service. California car insurance requirements for Uber drivers differ from other states, so it is important that you find out everything you need to know by contacting your insurance agent before you sign up to be an Uber driver. While being an Uber driver can put extra money in your pocket, you need to be sure to protect yourself and your passengers. While you might make extra money as an Uber driver in California, not following the California car insurance requirements for Uber drivers can end up being extremely costly and even risk the loss of your driver’s license and vehicle.