How Much Is Car Insurance in California Per Month?

The state of California is known for its Hollywood films, beautiful beaches, bountiful grape vineyards and wineries. Also, since it’s the third largest State in America, you can expect that you will experience some of the busiest roads. In the state of California car insurance is a must! It’s a necessity and requirement for all car owners in every State, not only in California.

There is no question that every car owner wants to get a cheap comprehensive auto insurance. This is because of its extensive coverage for the plan holder. It is basically one of the best insurance plans. The coverage for this plan will not only insure the liabilities of the plan holder but also the vehicle. There are even insurance companies that provide more comprehensive coverage than the usual by extending the coverage to the other party involved in the accident. It is required for all car owners to have insurance plan but not specifically comprehensive auto insurance. This is due to the cost of this type of insurance as compared to the other plans. However, there are several companies that offer cheap comprehensive auto insurance coverage for interested clients. Clients will be amazed at how this type of auto insurance provides a wide array of coverage that will ease the minds of any plan holder in case of an accident. Conducting a comparison between all insurance options should be conducted before acquiring any insurance plan offered. This is done through getting an insurance plan quotes from insurance companies. Interested car owners will be able to discern which plan best fits his or her needs. The common factors considered by plan holders are the price per coverage and extra benefits of the chosen insurance plan. Several companies offer comprehensive plans with additional benefits of roadside assistance and car damage repair. These perks may not be the same with other insurance companies but then a careful study with the differences will take its toll later.

So, how much is car insurance in California per month?

There are several factors considered to identify the amount of your car insurance. Factors such as the type of car a person drives, driving history, gender and age. These factors are taken into considerations as part in calculating the premiums. So, if you happen to receive a driving violation ticket, this can cause you an increase in your car insurance. In the State of California, all drivers are required to have at least basic liability insurance. It usually covers a liability limit of $15,000 for injury per person and a $30,000 coverage for bodily injury per accident. You will also get a $5,000 for personal property damages per accident. For this, you will have to pay an average of about $75 per month.

According to statistics, the average car insurance rate in the State of California is around $1300 per year. But the rate is actually fluctuating for the past few years. Each insurance company varies their rate accordingly depending on the features of the insurance policy. Of course, the more comprehensive your car insurance is, the higher it costs.