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What’s the Penalty for Driving in Baltimore without Coverage?

If you decide to operate a motor vehicle in Baltimore without the correct insurance coverage, it’s important for you to know that the penalties are rather tough.  Incredibly, you can be faced with a fine that will cost you up to $1,000 with a potential jail sentence of up to a year.  The Baltimore penalties for driving without the necessary liability, uninsured motorist and bodily harm insurance coverage’s are not worth taking the chance of driving without proper insurance coverage.

Three Types of Required Auto Insurance

The first form of auto insurance that is required in the city of Baltimore is liability insurance.  This type of coverage will cover the expenses the are incurred for damages in a car accident that are your fault.  Regardless of your previous driving history, liability insurance coverage is a binding requirement in order to drive in Baltimore.  When deciding on liability insurance, it’s important to know that coverage comes in two different forms.  The most common form of liability coverage is referred to as property damage insurance.  Property damage insurance will cover all of the costs that are induced due to any property damage that is directly your fault.  When driving in Baltimore, you must have at least $15,000 worth of this type of insurance per any one accident.  It’s important to know that your insurance company will not pay for damage that exceeds this amount.  Any expense over your coverage amount will have to be paid out of pocket.

The second type of liability insurance that is required in Baltimore is bodily harm coverage.  Like its name, this specific type of insurance will cover you for any personal injuries that occur due to a driving accident that is your fault.  Under this form of liability insurance, medical expenses will typically be covered up to the amount that you are insured.  Additionally, if you should, unfortunately, kill someone due to a car accident, the funeral costs will be fully covered with bodily hard liability insurance.  Depending on the type of accident and who is at fault, lost wages at work and any necessary home healthcare will also be covered under this particular policy.  In Baltimore, you are required by law to carry a minimum of $20,000 worth of bodily harm coverage for one individual that might be injured is a car crash and a minimum if $40,000 per accident.  Like general liability insurance, any cost that exceeds your covered amount will have to be paid out of pocket.

If you are a legal driver in Baltimore, Maryland, you will also be required to have uninsured motorist insurance.  This type of coverage will fully protect you if you should be involved in an accident in which the other driver does not have the required insurance policies.  With an uninsured motorist plan, all of your medical costs and assets will be financially covered.  This form of insurance is necessary because it guarantees that you will get the medical attention that you need while also not having to pay for any damages or repairs out of your own pocket.  To drive in Baltimore, you are legally required to have a minimum of $15,000 in property coverage while having at least $20,000 for any one person involved in a car accident.  The Baltimore, Maryland, law additionally requires you to have $40,000 worth of uninsured motorist insurance coverage per accident.

Proof Of Insurance

Moreover, on top of possessing these types of auto insurance coverage, it is mandatory for all Baltimore drivers to possess proof of insurance on them at all times.  The majority of the time when you are pulled over for a minor traffic violation or get into a car accident, the law enforcement agent on the scene will ask to see your insurance information.  In addition, proof of your auto insurance is needed when you go register your vehicle.  Without proper proof of coverage, your registration will be denied.

Driving in Baltimore Maryland

In order for residents of Baltimore, Maryland, to legally posses a valid drivers license, there are many mandatory insurance requirements that are currently in place.  Because Baltimore is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in America to own a car, there are three different forms of auto insurance coverage’s that are needed in order to operate a motor vehicle.  In addition, the state of Maryland, specifically the city of Baltimore, is one of the rare US locations that has a “no fault” driving policy with an add-on option for Personal Injury Protection (PIP).  By having Personal Injury Protection, your insurance company will cover your medical expenses even if you are at fault or not.

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How To Drive Safely in Baltimore City County MD

It’s important to remember that insurance coverage is not specific to coverage for collisions.  Auto insurance is just as relied upon for natural disasters such as storms, ice, tornadoes and so much more.  When shopping for your insurance make sure you talk to your provider about what natural disasters are covered in your policy.

Snow Snow Snow!

It’s cold just about everywhere right now, but to call the weather in Baltimore City, County, MD is a vast understatement. With all these cold, unexpected vortexes, and arctic tornados visiting the area, drivers need to pay attention to their vehicles to make sure they stay road safe and accident-free. Insurance rates tend to be more expensive in the winter due to the icy road conditions and higher instance of accidents. One of the main cause of accidents in the winter is poor tire pressure.

When it’s cold outside, the air contracts resulting in decreases air pressure in your tires, specifically, every time the thermostat drops 10 degrees, so does your tire’s PSI drop by one point. For safe driving in most cars, the psi should linger between 28 and 34, but for model specific numbers, you can check your car manual for confirmation.

If the pressure on your tires is too low, the treads are subjected to more wear than necessary which causes higher amounts of frictions, higher amounts of gas usage, and lessened steering control. High tire pressure can be equally dangerous. High-pressure tire don’t grip the road properly which makes the car very hard to handle, since there is often lots of snow on the ground in Baltimore City, County, MD during the winter, and proper handling is key to avoiding collisions.

Check your tires once per week in the winter to ensure proper pressure, if the psi is only a point or two under the standard, the pressure will normalize as you drive, however, if it is more than 3 points under or over the standard psi, the next time you stop for gas, you should add additional air to your tires.

Speaking of snow, any insurance company will suggest that safest way to avoid an accident in Baltimore City, County, MD when the roads are full of the fluffy stuff is not to drive at all. If you do have to drive, here are a few tips that can help lower your chances of getting in a snow-related accident.

Brake Intelligently – If you see something in front of you, it’s natural to want to slam on your brakes. In the snow, this can actually increase your chances of colliding with the obstacle rather than avoiding it. When you press your brakes suddenly on a road that is covered in snow, the tires lose traction with the road causing the car to slip and slide unpredictably. To properly brake on snow covered roads in Baltimore City County, MD, reduce your pressure on the gas and let your car slow down, as you approach your stop, apply pressure to the brakes. If you start to go into a skid, let go of the brakes to allow the tires to regain traction with the road.  Avoid jerking your wheel in the opposite direction of your skid, this will increase your chances of losing control, instead steer slightly in the direction you want to go.

Don’t Ride Bumpers- You should never drive too close to the car in front of you, but in the snow, the chance of collision increases exponentially.  Instead, leave twice the amount of space between you and the next car to allow for increased reaction times in the event the car in front of you, or your car goes into a skid.

Be Patient- The most important tip is to take your time on the road. Braking on a road covered in ice or snow takes up to ten times longer than on a regular dry road.  If you drive slowly, there is less chance you will lose control, slide, or otherwise, collide with other elements on the road. In addition, if you are driving slower, even if you do have an accident, it will be much less severe than if you were driving at full speed.


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