Maine Car Insurance Quotes

The State of Maine is the easternmost point of the United States. Positioned between the Appalachian Mountains and Atlantic Ocean, Maine has a great environment with plenty of vegetation and wildlife. If you want to enjoy some of the great Maine autumn colors, then make sure that you carry the minimum for auto insurance.

Maine Motto: “I Direct”

Algonquian tribes called the local area of Maine, their home for centuries, enjoying the fertile clam and lobster fishing areas. On March 15, 1820, Maine was added as the 23rd state under the “Missouri Compromise.” Geologists describe the rocky Maine landscape as a “Drowned Coastline” with old land formations being covered by rising water levels.

Maine is the #1 provider of low-bush blueberries (amounting to 91 million pounds in 2015) for the United States. The “Pine Tree State” contains a mixture of temperate broadleaf and mixed forests. Somes Sound and Bubble Rock are popular features at the Acadia National Park. The Saint Croix Island International Historic Site is also a top tourist destination.

There are many recreational activities in the “Pine Tree State” including camping, skiing, hiking and sport hunting of deer, moose and bear. I-95 is the primary highway system for the State of Maine. The State of Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (MBMV) requires you to maintain your financial responsibility “insurance” while operating a motor vehicle.

Minimum Maine Insurance Coverage

The Maine Bureau of Insurance (MBI) is in charge of enforcing vehicle insurance law compliance. Maine citizens must file the SR-22 form to certify that they have the necessary levels of car insurance. Here is the mandatory minimum car insurance for the State of Maine:

  • $50,000 for bodily injury or death per person
  • $100,000 for bodily injury or death per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage or destruction

The State of Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles requires uninsured and under insured motorists coverage at the same levels as the personal liability coverage. Maine uninsured motorists rank 50th worst in the nation.

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Penalties for Non-Compliance

“Maine Statutes Title 29-A, Chapter 13: Motor Vehicles Financial Responsibility and Insurance” outlines penalties for failing to carry the required levels of insurance. The first and any subsequent violations could lead to a fine of between $100 and $500, suspension of your license and registration. Proof of insurance is required before your driving license and registration will be renewed.

Maine Lobster

Traveling in the State of Maine requires car insurance coverage for any accidents that may arise. You can fill out the form above for a free quote.