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More information about Oroville , California

Oroville is a city located in Butte County at the bottom of the foothills on the banks of the Feather River, where it comes out of Sierra Nevada and the floor of Sacramento Valley. The original name of the town was Ophir City until 1854, when the first post office was opened. It was made head of navigation on the Feather River during the California Gold Rush and supplied miners with gold. It is located at the meeting place of three provinces: the volcanic Cascade Mountains to the north, the Central Valley alluvial plain to the west, and the crystalline Sierra Nevada to the SE.

Oroville’s climate is Mediterranean climate. This gives the area cool, dry summers and wet, cold winters. The moisture in the air adds humanity to its surrounding areas and sometimes fog during the evening and early morning hours.

Oroville has a deep history and many historical events have happened during its time as a city. Gold was discovered at Tidwell Bar, thus resulting in thousands of miners making their way to Oroville territory. Eventually, this lead to the Western Pacific Railroad making its way to Oroville. Oroville served as an irreplacable stop for the famous California Zephyr for 20 years.

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Why Auto Insurance Quotes Vary In Cost For The State Of California

You have probably noticed while shopping for your new car insurance policy that quotes can vary a lot between carriers and individual policies. Not only is your personal driving history and the car you drive taken into account when quoting an insurance policy but also information by state such as rate of theft and fraud. Below is a list of the top 10 cars stolen in the state of California. If you own one of these makes and models chances are your auto insurance quote might be just a tad higher.

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