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More information about Chico, California

Chico, California is a beautiful city with an abundant population of 88,000 hard working people. This Butte County city was founded in 1862 by John Bidwell who was on one of the first wagons to reach the California area in 1843. He incorporated the city in the year of 1872 on January 2nd and used the name ‘Chico’ in reference to what the infantry were calling the area before it became official.

Chico is located in the Sacramento Valley area which is home to some of the most fertile and rich agricultural land in the country. This area stays relatively warm year round with the annual high of 75 degrees and the annual low of 47 degrees (averaged). The 26 inch yearly rainfall average adds to the beautiful greenery that can be seen in this area.

Head on over to one of the most beautiful parks in the world, Bidwell Park, and hike through the gorgeous terrain. This park has 2,500 acres of breathtaking views, trails and natural water sources. After that, check out the Gateway Science Museum and learn about some of the most amazing scientific findings!

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Why Auto Insurance Quotes Vary In Cost For The State Of California

You have probably noticed while shopping for your new car insurance policy that quotes can vary a lot between carriers and individual policies. Not only is your personal driving history and the car you drive taken into account when quoting an insurance policy but also information by state such as rate of theft and fraud. Below is a list of the top 10 cars stolen in the state of California. If you own one of these makes and models chances are your auto insurance quote might be just a tad higher. California Specific Insurance Posts