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Known as the Gateway to Shenandoah Valley, Plymouth, California is a great place to visit any time of year. This is a small area with just over 1,000 people, making for great hospitality. Plymouth started out as a mining town back in the mid 1800’s and became a known city around 1900 there are still a few buliding still standing from that era. The elevation of Plymouth keeps you away from California’s heats in the summer allowing you to enjoy the beautiful, relaxing scenery.

There are a few different places to visit while in Plymouth. The Amador Flower Farm has over 900 different types of plants sitting on 12 acres. The flower farm draws visitor all though out the year. Plymouth is also home to many different wineries, and the Amador Country Fairgrounds. The fair grounds put on a fair every year in the end of July. This is one of the very few old time style fairs , with shoot outs and all. You can also visit the Sutter Gold Mine to pan for gold and learn how to it was mined many years ago.

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