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More information about Union City, California

Union City is in Alameda County and located about thirty miles away from San Francisco, and is considered to be a suburb inside of the Greater Bay Area with a population of seventy-one thousand people. Union City is well-known as a historical area that also includes a host of modern businesses and travel destinations.

When people visit Union City they have the chance to enjoy the historic downtown area. The area is linked into the Bart system, which means that the area can be reached from nearly any location in the Bay Area. The historic district allows for persons to enjoy restored buildings that show the way the city looked at the turn of the century. Persons have the chance to enjoy great shopping, flea markets, live music, and the city hosts a number of excellent restaurants and bars.

Union City also offers several small neighborhoods that offer persons a very peaceful surrounding. Persons can enjoy the parks that litter the area, and they can go walking down quiet streets. Many person like to live in the area in order enjoy a little bit of distance from the business of San Francisco and the closer burrows.

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