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More information about Piedmont, California

Piedmont, was first settled by Walter Blair, who bought 600 acres from the Peralta family for $1.25 per acre. Now known as the City of Piedmont. Walter Blair built a Dairy then made money from his rock quarry where he sold stones to the city of Oakland to build their streets. He built a Hotel in what was known as Piedmont Park. In 1877 James Gamble bought 350 acres from Blair and that is when Piedmont started getting settlers but was not incorporated until January 31, 1907.

Famous writers and artist lived in small homes in the city such as Jack London. Xavier Martinez, and George Sterling all lived there in the early 1900’s.

Piedmont today is a thriving city found within Alameda County, California, surrounded by Oakland and at the last Census from 2010 there were 10,667 residents. Now Known for the famed University of California Berkeley. which was created March 23 1868 when the governor signed into law the Organic Act that combined two colleges to form the famed University With Oakland so close there are many attractions in the area their park has wooden trails and is a beautiful “Urban Park”.

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