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Are you an Oakland, California resident looking for cheaper car insurance? You’ve come to the right place. Oakland is located in Alameda County, California and by simply typing in your 5 digit zip code in the above form will instantly provide you with multiple insurance policies that you can choose from. No longer should you be paying a premium rate for sub par auto insurance. We do the hard work for you in getting the quotes. All you have to do is choose which one is best for you. Start today by typing in your zip code above.

Oakland, California Information

Oakland sits directly across from the bay of San Francisco and has a population of just under 400,000 which makes it the eighth largest city in the state of California.

Praised for the amount of sun Oakland gets its often a frequent traveling destination. Oakland is said to have about 260 sunny days within a calendar year. Once plagued with the stigma of being a rough city full of crime and violence it is now better known as one of the top cities that produces renewable resources.

Oakland has two professional sports teams in the Raiders (NFL) and the A’s (MLB). Both teams share a stadium named Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

Why Auto Insurance Quotes Vary In Cost For The State Of California

You have probably noticed while shopping for your new car insurance policy that quotes can vary a lot between carriers and individual policies. Not only is your personal driving history and the car you drive taken into account when quoting an insurance policy but also information by state such as rate of theft and fraud. Below is a list of the top 10 cars stolen in the state of California. If you own one of these makes and models chances are your auto insurance quote might be just a tad higher.

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