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More information about Hayward, California

Hayward, in Alameda County, is the Bay Area’s sixth largest city. It is located between Union City and Castro Valley, east of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. The Hayward area has been lived in since 4,000 BC. The Rancho San Lorenzo was a Spanish Land Grant established in 1841. William Dutton Hayward purchased some of the land and built a luxurious hotel. Many believe the town derived its name from Hayward who became an influential county official.

The town of Hayward developed during the 1800″s with most of its economy centered on agriculture and tourism. The South Pacific Coast Railroad, traversing between Oakland and San Jose, brought tourists to the area.

Hayward developed the Public Arts Program to paint murals to add to the city and end graffiti. It has been a USA Tree city since 1986. The downtown contains landmarks including three city halls, the Hayward Area Historical Society Museum, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery, a brewpub. Two of Hayward’s buildings are on National Register of Historic Places, the Eden Congregational Church and Green Shutter Hotel. The city has four parks including the ‘Eden Landing Ecological Preserve that has acres changed to tidal wetlands.

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