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More information about Albany, California

Albany is a city located in Alameda County, California. The population of Albany is 18,539. The city incorporated as Ocean View in 1909 as a protest against the city of Berkeley dumping its garbage in their community. Albany is situated on San Francisco Bay’s eastern shore and is bordered by Berkeley on the south and east, and by El Centro and Richmond on the north. A well-known landmark is Albany Hill located on the East Bay. The waterfront has been changed with an area known as the bulb altered into the Eastshore State Park.

Albany is a center for arts and culture. The Solano Avenue Stroll is a yearly street festival occurring on Solano Street in both Albany and Berkeley on the second Sunday during September. The festival began in as a way for businesses to thank the customers. The city has a major little league park that attracts children in the area with its Little League attending state tournaments. The Golden Gates Fields is the area’s only commercial race track.

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