About Nick LeRoy, Owner of RideCoverage.com

Nick LeRoyNick LeRoy, owner of RideCoverage.com is a husband, father to three and a digital marketing entrepreneur.  Why do I have my face on this site? It’s simple – find another insurance quotes website where you find an extremely transparent owner.  My goal for this site is to add genuine value to all visitors using this site.

While this site is dedicated to getting everyone quotes 100% free of charge, the site does make a commission (at no charge to you). By filling out the form above or calling a representative directly a ridecoverage.com representative can work on your behalf to get multiple quotes to save you money.  To make this very clear, I am not an insurance agent.  However, I am able to help you get the best price on your insurance without it costing you anything in return.  Full affiliate disclosure can be read here.

So while most other insurance quotes websites will do whatever it takes for you to call/fill out forms etc – I want to put my face on this site.  I’m very proud of what i’ve built and the people that this site helps every single day.  Thank you in advance for making Ride Coverage as successful as it is!